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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

spare me your indifference

hey you... what gives? just the other day, you couldn't stay away from me. now, you're keeping your distance. what the hell did i do this time? am i becoming a nuisance (it would seem that i always end up that way)? am i coming on too strong for you? do you see me now as a temptation you have to resist?

i asked you if you still wanted this, and you said yes. the least you could do is let me know why you're giving me the cold shoulder. i think i deserve that much, not your indifference.


Rivafilia Estoque said...

hey i am using tha spanish online thing too to prep up for spanish study in peru sometime in the near future...mucho gusto! to help me more with my spanish thing, i listen to spanish song from mana, camila, juanes and loads more!hope to hear from you sometimes

imai said...

i actually studied spanish in instituto cervantes here in manila.. that time kasi i was working in a spanish company (Perfumeria Espanola Corp - makers of Heno de Pravia, yes, the soap! hehe!) but i was only able to finish one course. i wanted to continue sana, but my boss didn't allow me anymore (bitch! hahaha!).. i am now in another company and still considering studying again.. but i've no else to speak to in spanish eh.. singapore naman ang mother company namin ngayon! hahaha! thanks for visiting my site... i luv your writings, btw... :)

Rivafilia Estoque said...

well the thing is, when i travel next year (or maybe year after next), anyone is welcome to come with me. so if you wanna joing me in my adventures, you are very much welcome to do so.
HAH! so you are studying chinese this time huh? cool stuff!!
well, ni de zai zhong wen xue xi, jia you ah!

imai said...

haha! nope.. i'm not studying chinese this time, although that's something i am considering doing.. :)i still believe that spanish is easier to learn... i will probably study again one day... :)